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Bolt Seals

Our company is professional in producing all kinds of shipping container bolt seal , cable seals , plastic seals , meter seals , metal strap seals and barrier seals , etc.
All high security seals can be neutral and be customized , also can be OEM.
Strict quality control system , delivery on time.
Customer first , high quality products , competitive prices .
  • Heavy Duty Bolt Seal for Container
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    Heavy Duty Bolt Seal for Container

    material:ABS,PP,Q235A Low-carbon steel
    produce height:72-110mm
    Circlip material:Carbon spring steel
    Circlip shape:circular
    Rod color:zinc plating-white
  • One Time Use Container Seal
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    One Time Use Container Seal

    Model NO.: TX-BS403
    Usage: Automobile, Machinery, Doors & Windows
    Sectional Shape: Oblong
    Standard: Standard, All Kinds of ISO Containers, Container Trucks, Doo
    Standard Colors: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White
    Application: Mechanical Seal
    Transport Package:...
  • ISO 17712 Container Bolt Seal
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    ISO 17712 Container Bolt Seal

    ISO 17712 container bolt seal TXBS101 Product description: High security bolt seal’s lock body is Q235A low carbon steel and covered by ABS plastic. It is disposable lock used for container, truck and van. Tengxin seals who is a professional blockade manufacturer to provide high quality bolt...
  • High Security Bolt Seals
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    High Security Bolt Seals

    high security bolt seals TXBS102
    good-quality can provide large printing area design.
    Total length: 84.8mm.
    Printing area: 7.9*73.7mm
    Width: 22.6mm Strength: 20KN
  • Metal Bolt Seals
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    Metal Bolt Seals

    Metal bolt seals TXBS103
    Parameter Specification Q235A carbon steel,wrapped with ABS Tamper proof
    high security Total length:84.8mm.Width:22.6mm
    Strength: 20KN Net weight: 72g
    Application Simple operation, strong hardness and wide application
  • Shipping Container Bolt Seals
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    Shipping Container Bolt Seals

    shipping container bolt seals TXBS104
    All of the bolt seals we sell are CTPAT COMPLIANT Bolt Seal. Every bolt seal we sell meets the standard for a High Security Seal as outlined in the ISO 17712:2013 specifications.
  • Barcode Container Bolt Seals
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    Barcode Container Bolt Seals

    container seal in malaysia Specification
    Material : ABS wrapped Q235A carbon steel,outside PC covered .anti-spin bolt seal
    Large printing area design.
    Pin diameter :8mm.
    Total length: 85.6mm.Printing area: 25mm*18mm
    Strength: 20KN
  • RFID Container Bolt Seals
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    RFID Container Bolt Seals

    TX-BS202 RFID container bolt seals
    Parameter Material : Q235A low carbon steel + ABS.
    Pin diameter :8mm. Total length: 74mm.
    Printing area: 32mm*15mm
    Strength: 20KN
    Customized Laser printing Serial number, logo, barcode, etc.
  • High Quality Bolt Seal
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    High Quality Bolt Seal

    TX-BS204 High Quality Bolt Seal
    Parameter Material Body material is Q235A steel + ABS wrapped ,Both bolt and cylinder are made of high quality low-carbon steel.
    Authenticate :ISO9001:2008 /Pass all the test of ISO/PAS 17712:2003 standard requirements.
  • Tamper Evident Bolt Seal
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    Tamper Evident Bolt Seal

    TXBS301 Tamper Evident bolt seal
    Parameter Specification Authenticate ISO9001:2008 /Pass all the test of ISO/PAS 17712:2003 standard requirements. “H” mark and certificated.
    Application Bolt locks is a kind of tamper seals for truck trailer
  • Bolt Security Seal
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    Bolt Security Seal

    Bolt Security Seal TXBS302
    Large printing area design
    Material Q235A steel, and wrapped with ABS
    Printing area: 20.8*34.9mm
    Width: 48mm
    Strength: 20KN
  • Custom Bolt Seals
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    Custom Bolt Seals

    iso 17712 Custom Bolt Seals TXBS303
    Imprinting: Laser engraving/ Hot stamping
    Marks:Numbering, logo, barcode
    Color: Yellow/ Red/ Green/ Blue/ Purple etc.
    Weight: 47.81 g
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