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Manufacturer Pull Tight Lock Trolley Seal

This type seal is applied to ocean container shipping and other trucks.`
1.Material: Q235A Steel, ABS
2.Strength: 20 KN
3.Weight: 54.28g
Product Details:

TX-BS105 New design China manufacturer pull tight lock trolley seal

Manufacturer Pull Tight Lock Trolley Seal

Manufacturer Pull Tight Lock Trolley Seal parameter


material:ABS,Q235ALow-carbon steel




produce height:72-110mm

Circlip material:Carbon spring steel

Circlip shape:diamond

Rod color:zinc plating-white

Shell color:Yellow,White,Blue,Green,Red,Orange and so on

Printing:typeLaser marking or hot stamping

marking contents:Numbers,Letters,mark,bar codes

Tensile Strength:>18KN


Locking insert spins freely to confirm seal integrity.
High impact plastic cover on locking chamber; Plastic coating on rod; Both clearly indicate
Accepted by US & UK Customs; C-TPAT and ISO/PAS17712 compliant
Remove with bolt cutter.
Metal locking end encased in a consecutively numbered, colored body
Bolt shank and locking case are ABS coated and identically number

factory shop

8mm diameter shaft and 81mm shaft length; Hat size: 34mm x21mm(height x width)
Strength Characteristics
Custom seven characters for company name or logo along with max ten consecutive numbers
Red / Blue / Orange / Yellow / White / Purple / Dark Green / Clear / Neon Yellow
Standard Packaging: 10 Bolts/inner box; 250pcs/carton
International Containers / Doors / Hatches
Railroad Cars Trucks Air Cargo Containers
Hazmat Containers etc

customers area

Since the last three decades, an tengxin seals has established itself as the leader in the manufacturer of 100% pilfers proof sealing products. The quality and functional aspect of the devices have been given top most priority. The company has been on the constant look out for losses securing during the transit of valuable cargo and has thereby set itself on the task of designing manufacturing and marketing quality locking product. This in turn has put an end to pilferage and tampering of seals to an enormous extent. Customer confidence has been further enhanced as these seals are not available in the open market. The credentials of the actual users are thoroughly investigated to ensure that these products are not available for misuse. Hence, each seals are providing with your company logo and unique numbers.

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