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Aluminum Cable Seal Lock Supplier

Material:Aluminum head , galvanized wire.
Wire diameter:1.5mm
Wire length:Standard length is 20cm , also can be customized
. Seal body size (mm):29*20*7.5
Color:Blue /Yellow / Green /Red,etc .
Imprinting:Laser marking series number, bar code , etc.
Product Details:

Heavy duty printed aluminum cable seal lock supplier TX-CS106

Cable Seal Lock SupplierCable Seal Lock Supplier Size

Basic Info

Product Description


Aluminum head , galvanized wire.

Wire diameter (mm)


Wire length

Standard length is 20cm , also can be customized.

Seal body size (mm)



Blue /Yellow / Green /Red,etc .


Laser marking series number, bar code , etc.




100pcs per plastic bag

1000 pcs per carton

Carton dimension


1 pc net weight


1000pcs / carton


Cable Seal Lock Supplier Company

ISO 17712:2013 Compliant High Security for 4.0mm and 5.0mm seals. Active cable length for 304mm (12'). Anodized aluminium body with grooved pattern to protect the marking. Patented locking mechanism. Cable cutter required. Permanent laser marking of name/logo, sequential numbering and barcoding. Galvanized Steel Cable.

This aluminum cable seal lock  fits many applications and is popular for sealing bulk railcars and intermodal containers and trailers. The non-preform cable frays wildly when cut and is galvanized for corrosion protection.

One end of the cable is permanently secured via crimping technology which cannot be removed without cutting the cable.

The metal locking mechanism, embedded inside the metal bush provides good locking strength and prevents easy tampering.

The high strength steel bush & pin provides added security.

The non-preformed galvanized steel wire used will also fray upon cutting, showing clear evidence of tampering.

Cable Seal Lock Supplier Product

Competitive Advantages

Marking / Printing:Minimum quantities apply to customized versions of this product - please call for details

Laser Printing: Name, logo, consecutive numbers, barcode

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1. To be the leading enterprise of Seal and Packaging fields.

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3. To be sincere, steadfast, full of social responsibility sense.

Tengxin motto: Seek for greater perfection and sincerity is first.

Core Competences of Tengxin: The continual innovation of technology and completion of product are the core competences of Tengxin, which are great motivities promoting the company's development.

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