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Cable Wire Seal

material:ABS,powder metallurgy,A3 wire rope
Lock body size:39.7*14*12.2
fabrication process:injection
color:red,yellow,orange,blue,green and so on
cable material:A3 steel
cable length:23cm-25cm
cable specification:7*7
Printing type:Laser marking,hot stamping
marking contents:Numbers,Letters,mark,bar codes
Tensile Strength:>2.27KN
product certificate:ISO17712
Product Details:

Tengxin TX-CS305 Galvanized Logistics using stainless Steel Cable Wire Seal

Cable Wire Seal

Basic Info

Cable Wire Seal Product Description


1.Material: Heavy duty Steel, ABS

2.Strength: >2 KN



Yellow/ Red/ Green/ Blue/ Purple etc


1.Laser engraving/ Hot stamping

2.Numbering, logo, barcode

Cable Wire Seal Size

Cable Wire Seal Certificate

container Cable lock Seal Advantages/characteristics:

1. Multiple adjusting points
2. Does not require any tools for application
3. Available in different lengths upon reques
4. Available in a variety of colors

Cable Wire Seal Product


1. Banking and Finance
2. Manufacturers/Process
3. Primary Production
4. Retail
5. Security Services
6. Transport

When you use quality container seals on your shipping containers, you can easily tell if the container has been opened. There are even tamper evident door seals that can be used where other tamper evident seals are not an option. Regardless of what type of container seals you choose, the ability to quickly and effectively determine whether your containers have been opened can provide a valuable tool in reducing loss during shipment.

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