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Resistant Cable Seal

resistant cable seal China one of the biggest Manufacturer of container seals , Sales all over the world Free Sample · Customize · Fast Shipping ISO 17712 Compliant; Customized Laser Markings;
Product Details:

TX-CS201 Free sample transportation service hot-stamping resistant cable seal

Basic Info

Resistant Cable Seal

Resistant Cable Seal Size

Product Description


Aluminum head, heavy-duty steel.

Cable size: 

Diameter 1.8mm, Length 25cm(Standard)

Diameter & length can meet customers’ requirements..

Lock Body Size: 



Totally can be customized


Laser printing or hot stamping


Bar code, serial number, etc.



Pull tight Galvanized steel cable seals offer a tamper evident solution for sealing truck trailers, containers, and various other cargo holds. To use simply thread the end of the 1.8mm Galvanized steel wire through the heavy-duty aluminum alloy lock and pull tight. These security seals can only be removed by wire cutters. This is a ISO 17712:2013 Compliant Seal.

Resistant Cable Seal Product

Tamper evident, flexible cable seal.

No matter what your cargo is, you need to make sure it stays safe on your shipping route. Cable seals for truck doors and shipping containers can help you step up your security. These cargo seals cannot be removed without cable cutters, deterring theft, and feature laser-engraved sequential numbering to provide evidence of tampering.

Resistant Cable Seal Certificate

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