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Application of anti-counterfeiting wire seal in petroleum transportation
Jul 18, 2018

Anti-counterfeit steel wire seal is the latest anti-counterfeit wire seal developed by using the advanced two-dimensional bar code technology and the specific characteristics of refined oil road transportation. The two-dimensional code label and the locking mechanism adopt an integrated package structure to ensure the overall firmness and firmness. The product solves the defects of the old-fashioned seal, such as low copy, easy imitation, no encryption information and poor anti-counterfeiting performance, improves the safety of refined oil transportation, and achieves the purpose of anti-theft and efficiency enhancement.

Anti-counterfeit steel wire seal

The difference in color of the seal is different: the seals issued by the oil depot and the vehicles returning from the gas station are in different colors and marked with different symbols to show the difference. The seals are made in different colors, and the unit of the seal can be directly identified, and the marked symbols can be checked according to the color to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of the seal.

The difference between the seals and the different numbers: the seals are different in different states and prevent the seals from being mixed. The difference in the distribution of seals can further refine the management of seals, increase the difficulty of imitation, and improve the safety of refined oil transportation.

Check the records of the seals: record each seal to check. Before the transport vehicle leaves the oil depot or gas station, it must be confirmed that the seal seal has been completed. It is also required to record the seal code and vehicle number used for verification and verify it when it arrives at the destination.

Two-dimensional bar code inspection: In the inspection and verification seal, the code is mainly based on the two-dimensional code, and the authenticity identification of the anti-counterfeiting steel wire seal is carried out. If the seal is stolen during transportation and replaced with a seal from another manufacturer, the device can be used to identify the authenticity by scanning the QR code.