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Application of RFID Electronic Seal in Safety Protection Field
Mar 28, 2018

Application of RFID Electronic Seal in Safety Protection Field

Reasons to Drive RFID Electronic Seals for Safety Protection

For the field of security protection, it is becoming more and more important to reduce costs, prevent counterfeit identification, increase the inspection rate, and improve product safety. Efficient use management is very important for security protection against fraud. This has led more and more customers to start using RFID-enabled seals to increase the security of goods, thereby reducing manpower and working capital.


What are the reasons driving RFID in the field of security protection?

Considering various reasons, protection professionals are working on the use of RFID technology for security purposes, such as patrolling oil pipelines, patrolling natural gas pipelines, patrolled meter boxes, and additional value for RFID security that takes into consideration valuables. . The

1. The use of RFID on wire seals: Usually wire seals are used in some industries like transport and equipment sealing. Past anti-counterfeiting is only laser engraving information on the surface of seals. Today's wire seals with a chip can not only have the original one-time seal, but also add the anti-imitation function of the RFID chip, so as to meet the security on the use of security.

2. The use of RFID in instrument seals: Instrument seals generally use meters, water meters, hydraulic meters and other measuring instruments on the seal, this type of seal their environment is often a kind of high, low On the wall, there is a certain distance to reach but it is impossible to read. At this time, the seal with the RFID chip can be read from a distance, which also solves the problem that the reading distance cannot be reached.

3. The use of RFID in plastic seals: Plastic seals were originally used in the logistics of strapping, cargo strapping, etc., initially using the bar code above the seal to read, but such reading is very time consuming. With a plastic seal with an RFID chip, group reading and writing functions can be performed, which greatly improves the statistics and calculation of goods transit.