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Buy plastic seal tips
Jun 07, 2018

How to properly purchase and use plastic seals, which can effectively prevent lawless people from stealing meters (meters) and reduce theft losses?

1, try to choose the regular manufacturers to purchase plastic seals, in general, regular manufacturers not only guarantee product quality, fair prices, but more importantly, regular manufacturers generally do not sell seals to these imitations who imitate theft.

2, when purchasing seals, try to require manufacturers to customize, such as printing on the seal company name (LOGO) and code. If plastic seals do not have company names (LOGOs) and codes, they can easily be replaced by the same or similar lead seals purchased by criminals, so that it is not easy to find that the seals are damaged and replaced. In general, to print or print LOGO, it is necessary to provide a large number of. The unscrupulous elements are generally purchased several dozens, and manufacturers generally do not provide customized services.

3. When purchasing plastic seals, try not to purchase seal styles that are very common or very common in the market, because since the market is very common, it is easy to buy such seals and it is easy to imitate them.

Buy plastic seal tips

Tengxin lock industry specializes in the production and sale of seals for more than 10 years. The seals produced by the company not only have complete models, and are diversified and reliable, but also can provide customized services according to customer needs. The seals produced by the company are widely used in the power and hydraulics, petrochemical and other instrumentation industries, container shipping, coal transportation, petroleum transportation and other industries. The company's products have the advantages of high quality, high security, and low cost. With the development and expansion of the company, the market share and popularity of the Tenxin lead blockade are gradually increasing.