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Cargo Container Seal Tampering
Oct 23, 2017

Tool Manipulation: Tool manipulation most commonly refers to bolt type seals. Bolt seals come in many sizes and 

shapes, with limited details on the bill of lading regarding the seal. Bolts are often interchangeable with several 

different types of lock lugs, making mismatched pairs possible. Some bolts do not have a seal number that 

matches the lug number, making it easy to cut the old bolt and replace it with an unnumbered piece. This method 

is a bit more time consuming, as the cut bolt must be drilled out or removed somehow. By replacing the bolt, most if 

not all signs of tampering are removed. In addition to cutting and/or replacing the bolt, the locking lug can be 

quickly removed using a battery powered drill and large-bore locking chuck available at any hardware store. Once 

the chuck is tightened around the lug, the bolt is held still with pliers. While the drill is spinning, the lug is pulled 

firmly with the drill, which overcomes the spring tension of the locking mechanism with no visible evidence of 

tampering. The bolt can then be reinstalled exactly as it was originally. This is a particularly troubling method, as it 

is quite fast and requires very little skill or knowledge.