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Container wire seal classification? Customs seal definition?
Mar 19, 2018

Container wire seal classification? Customs seal definition?

Customs seal definition?

Once the seal is properly locked, it cannot be opened unless violently destroyed (ie, cut), and the damaged seal cannot be reused. Each seal has a unique numbered identifier. As long as the appearance of the container is complete, the container door is properly closed, and the seal is normally locked, it can be proved that the container has not been opened without authorization in transit. The condition of the container is supervised by the boxer when it is loaded.

Container classification?

According to the type of goods loaded, there are general cargo containers, bulk containers, liquid cargo containers, reefer containers, etc.;

According to the manufacturing materials, wooden containers, steel containers, aluminum alloy containers, glass steel containers, stainless steel containers, etc.

According to the structure, there are folding containers, fixed containers, etc. In the fixed container, it can also be divided into closed containers, open-top containers, pallet containers, etc.高保封集装箱.jpg

According to the total weight, there are 30 tons of containers, 20 tons of containers, 10 tons of containers, 5 tons of containers, 2.5 tons of containers.

The main purpose of the container wire seal is to wrap the goods and prevent the items from being opened. It is an effective means to protect your goods from transit and during transportation. If the seals come off, check the contents. Reduce the risk of theft. Generally, it is operated by professional logistics staff. The blockage is imposed on the goods, and the bar code is marked on the top. After the pull, it will leave traces. Once used, it will not be used again, and the safety performance is high. Logistics seals are commonly used for shipping, shipping, department stores, electricity, finance, customs and other work of confidentiality. Common logistics seals are as follows.


1, steel wire logistics seal: aluminum alloy lock body, Φ5.0mm steel wire, on the lock body can print the serial number and LOGO, bar code, wire length can be customized. Characteristic length of wire rope: 250mm, can be lengthened; steel wire diameter: 1.8mm; tightening type, can be arbitrarily adjusted; tensile strength: 300 kg or more; The steel wire seal is mainly a seal made of steel wire. It can lock things that are more difficult to lock. The most important thing is strong, reliable, and the cost-effective ratio is relatively high in the past year. Many industries can use wire seals. , It is widely used in the society, and the work of the steel wire seal is better than the general seal, more fine and beautiful, the current society is the most sought after fashion, so no matter what the industry is innovating, the wire seal is followed by a big era Step up step by step. From the old-style seals completely transformed, it looks more refined and tough, not so easy to break, so many businesses are happy, the most important is steel.

2, plastic logistics seal: using PP plastic injection molding, steel clips within the seal, the product is minus 45 degrees, zero-50 degrees the same type, the surface using stamping or laser marking, serial number, bar code, lock bar is 2 *5 Flat bar, adjust and tighten when applying sealing, the color can be made into red, blue, green, yellow, and can also be made into other colors according to user requirements. Rally up to F ≥ 60KG. Since the serrations on the seal strips can closely contact with the elastic plastic buckles in the plastic mouth, the plastic seals can play a very firm fixation.