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Custom Leading Process Description and Factors Affecting Cycles
Jun 01, 2018

    Seals are special products and in most cases they need to be customized. Many customers asked me about the progress of production from time to time after placing an order. Some customers did not rush for delivery within two days. Here, the author gives an overview of the process and cycle of customized seals.

Custom Lead seals

   If the seals are to be customized, the customization period is generally about one week, and some operation processes and processes are complicated and even longer. The main reasons are the following:

1.processes and processes

    There are many processes and processes in the production of lead seals, such as injection molding, laminating, cutting, assembly, opening, laser printing or hot stamping, threading and so on. It can be said that the production of lead seals is composed of a series of processes, and the lack of which of the processes will not be achieved. Therefore, the production cycle of lead seal production needs a long time, especially for a large number of orders.

2.Reasonable arrangement of production

    The rational arrangement of production is mainly considered from two aspects: the time of receiving an order and the urgency of the customer's demand. Generally, the first-come-first-served policy is followed by the production of the order according to the time of the order. It is not possible for every list to want to jump into production. If that happens, it will be indiscriminate. Unless the customer is really special circumstances, hurry to receive the goods, you can give priority to it.

3.the cost of control

   The production of lead seals must also be considered for cost control. In order to save costs, the factory minimizes production costs, and it is certainly necessary to scale production. Sometimes it is necessary to merge production orders with other customers' orders.