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Detailed description of disposable plastic seals
Jun 28, 2018

Disposable plastic seal is the abbreviation of disposable plastic seal or disposable plastic seal. The material of disposable plastic seal is made of special plastic (generally PC polycarbonate or ABS resin). This press-molded disposable plastic seal can reach a maximum temperature of 60°C and a minimum temperature of minus 30°C. It can be said that the quality of the disposable plastic seal made of this plastic is very strong and firm. ,PC Polycarbonate material and ABS resin molded internal and external parts are assembled with the copper wire sealing table line, according to their own needs, the length of the lock wire is used to rotate the seal line, the locking leaf is broken after locking, and no sealing clamp is needed You can complete the seal.

plastic seals

The scope of its application is also very extensive. The range of applicable disposable plastic seals is foreign trade inspection, container, ship, air transport, logistics company, shipping company, chemical, mining, postal, customs, railway, finance, container, transportation Handling equipment, transportation product processing, and enterprise product inspection, packaging drum packaging, energy metering, instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military, petroleum transportation, which means that the seal can be used as long as it is used. Advantages of disposable plastic seals, disposable plastic seals, advantages, such as solid seal, temperature lock, anti-corrosion performance, clear logo, easy to use, reliable, affordable and other practical and relatively good reputation, disposable plastic Seals are really one-off, and once they are used, they cannot be used for the second time, but this is where the value of disposable plastic seals lies. Disposable plastic seals can be hot stamped or laser printed on company logos or bar codes and serial numbers.