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Different types of plastic seals in different configurations
Mar 30, 2018

Seals come in a wide variety of styles, and each style is made up of a variety of different materials, of which the major category of plastic seals is the most special. Plastic has a good plasticity can be used for injection molding mass production, and the material cost is much cheaper than steel, aluminum, so the choice of plastic to do the seal is a more clear choice.

plastic security seals

Of course, the use of plastics as a material is not only a matter of fancy, it can be used in batch injection molding production and the cost is cheap, but more importantly, it has the advantages of light weight and convenient dismantling. Plastic seals look like the surface of similar appearance, there is another profound internal structure, it can be divided into two categories, integrated plastic seals and welded plastic seals. Their difference lies in disposable injection molding and injection welding. In the disposable injection-moulded seal head, the plastic undercut during injection molding is the only place for snapping the seal, and the opposite injection-welded plastic seal differs from the fact that the seal head is installed inside the head. The stainless steel sheet is buckled upside down. When the seal passes through, it will be pulled upside down by the stainless steel sheet. The hard pull will break the seal.

The appearance of two plastic seals with the same appearance material makes different tensile conditions due to the different internal structures. Relatively many procedures are often more secure. The choice of plastic seals should be based on actual use conditions.