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Exploring maritime container and seal management
Feb 05, 2018

Exploring maritime container and seal management

Container transport which will certainly be used seal, the seal is actually a lock, but only once, after the opening is broken, can not be used again. There is a seal above the seal, is unique, if the customer to get the number on the container seal with the same on the bill of lading, on behalf of the container did not open, the goods intact.

In the transport of containers, there are generally two cases with boxes.

The Soc box, the owner's own box, refers to the use of the owner's own box for the export of the parcel. Generally, the customer uses his own box loading outlet to get rid of the box fee caused by the use of the shipping company's container or because he has a box Shipping companies use boxes discount to reduce the cost of business model. Most of the SOC tanks are one-way boxes. Such as documents only indicate the "SOC", which only shows that the owner-owned boxes, but whether the destination port but also for empty containers back, according to the shipper on the orders or with the shipping company Depending on the contract of carriage. The advantages of the SOC box is not the time limit of the box, and the self-provided box will be less part of the sea freight. Although there is no reduction in freight costs, there is no need to pay the container usage fee again. In addition, the freight rate of empty container-owned railways will be calculated at 40% of the freight rates of heavy containers according to the "Freight Rates of Railway Freight".


COC box

COC: refers to the Carrier Order Cntr., Designated by the shipping company cabinets (go carrier to take "put paper") industry also known as "miscellaneous counter cabinets", in fact, COC boxes are common container shipping provided by the sea, there The company also known as "control cabinet." The container used by the shipping company for the owner may be owned by the shipping company itself (40-60%) and may also be rented out. Therefore, the brand is very complicated, saying that the use of the COC in the "miscellaneous cabinet" requires no separate seal control, For seals, are outside, provided by the shipping company, shipping companies in the custom seal are in line with the ISO PAS 17712 standards, access to the corresponding certificate.