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Nov 29, 2017

Tengxin Seal run a dedicated security seal printing service in China!

To get a better insight into the security seal printing process, I asked Harcor’s Stamping Manager  a few questions:

What is the difference between thermal transfer and hot foil stamping? 

Thermal transfer is the process of using pre-printed thermal tape to print on security seals whereas hot foil printing requires a physical die to stamp artwork or numbering onto a security seal.

What are the advantages of the different printing methods?

Thermal transfer can be used for very detailed artwork when required. Due to the set up time required for thermal transfer, hot foil stamping is a better suited option for lower volume security seal printing. 

As a security seal''s print area is limited and precision is critical, what part of the print process do you believe is most challenging and why?

The initial setup for a thermal transfer security seal printing is the most critical, due to having to ensure the digital formatting is correct. The transfer tape is tested prior to running the job.

From the security seals that you have been asked to print, which stands out the most and why?

A security seal that I printed for one of Australia’s largest courier companies required a large sequential alpha character positioned to the left of the logo, barcode and matching number. This was a very different format to any security seal that Tengxin had printed before.

The integrity and accuracy of security seal serial numbering is crucial, what system does Harcor have in place to avoid errors?

Tengxin's custom Exact & Track software provides serial number tracking that integrates essential number duplication safeguards. In addition Tengxin has a three check processes to associate the stamping machine used to the serial number printed.

The standard colours that can be printed on security seals due to the printing foil tapes that Tengxin carry in stock are  black, white, blue, green, yellow and red for hot foil stamping.

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