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Apr 25, 2018

Food Defense and the Need for Quality and Compliance in Tamper Evident Security Seals.

As food manufacturers- and processors move through their individual food chain vulnerability studies, the consensus appears to be that focusing on, and investing in, the mitigation of all risk that is “within arm’s reach”, is warranted and justifiable.Such warranted investments are typically associated with perimeter defense, access control, video surveillance and employee screening.

1.Bulk liquid receiving and loading

2.Liquid storage and handling

3.Secondary ingredient handling, and

4.Mixing and similar activities

In addition to the fact that these are activities deemed most vulnerable to intentional contamination, these are also, for the most part, activities that define the “chain of custody and liability” in the food chain, i.e. as one liquid is pumped from a bulk truck into a pre-manufacturing bulk storage unit at the food plant, the ownership and responsibility of the product changes.

The above four activities are considered the most vulnerable, but generally speaking, whenever a food product is being transported, it is also vulnerable to intentional contamination.

 food health and security seals

Therefore, it is imperative that the “chain of custody” of the food chain is protected by high quality security seals that provide real security value, by offering a high degree of “tamper resistance” and tamper indication features.

The argument is this: A seal is NOT just a seal.

The “last point of defense” in a food company’s chain of custody - is a mechanical security seal…typically acquired for much less than $ 1.00 each.

Security seals are used to secure dome lids and discharge valves on tank trailers, trailer doors on truck trailers and rail cars, and of course ocean container doors. Good security seals provide clear signs of tampering, will resist a wide variety of tamper attempts, and are of consistent quality.