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How to buy the seal product correctly
Jul 27, 2018

Lead sealing, in the logistics and transportation industry, safety protection industry, petrochemical industry have the control of risk, reduce losses, play a key role in risk prevention, therefore, customers should pay special attention to the following factors when purchasing seal lock products:

 1. First, we must choose a manufacturer with guaranteed quality and reputation. It is best to choose some well-known companies in the industry or companies with long-term qualifications. Such manufacturers can guarantee standardized management in quality control processes, raw material procurement, product testing, etc., with advanced production technology and research and development capabilities.

2. It is necessary to sign a purchase contract before ordering, and require the manufacturer to promise not to provide the seals with the same logo and number to any third party. This is very important, and sometimes even a confidentiality agreement is required.

3. Try not to use products of the same size or color produced by multiple manufacturers, which will be easily copied and imitated. Products that have been used for too long in the market should not be used. Generally speaking, manufacturers with technical advantages and research and development capabilities will regularly develop more advanced products to meet the needs of the market.

4, the product has a certain manufacturing cost, do not blindly buy small and cheap to sell low-priced products. Some products with lower prices may be because some small informal manufacturers cut costs by cutting corners, although they are cheap, but the quality is inferior.

5. Inspect the actual production scale and actual production capacity of the manufacturer to ensure timely and fast delivery.