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How to determine whether the container seal is qualified
Jun 12, 2018

Container seals or container seals are the locks that lock the doors after the goods have been packed and sealed, in order to ensure the safety of the goods during the shipping process. Such locks are different from other locks. They are disposable. After the lock is opened, it needs to be destroyed by an external force, and when it is opened, it cannot be used again. How to determine whether the container seal is qualified? Firstly, check whether the seal number is consistent with the warehouse receipt; check if there is any problem with the seal surface preparation, such as whether the label is clear and whether the label can be easily removed and forged; check whether the seal is locked, fastened, and firm. At the time of the final bill of lading, note that the displayed seal number is the same as your record. To determine whether the goods are safe during transportation.

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