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How to open the seal after it has been sealed
Jun 14, 2018

In general, no individual can easily open the seal without the permission of the relevant affiliation unit. Otherwise, he will be suspected of having violated the law. How to open the seal after it has been sealed? This depends on what is the seal product. Plastic seals, plastic seals This seal is better open. Plastic seals can be cut with scissors. Plastic seals are generally used to cut off the seal lines with scissors. Some plastic seals can be opened by hand and are very convenient. If the seal line is a wire or copper wire, you need to use a wire cutter.

Relatively speaking, wire seals and high security seals are difficult to open. Wire seals and high security seals must be cut with special wire cutters to open the seal.

No matter what seal, once opened, it cannot be used twice, because each seal has a unique code. It is this code that can supervise whether or not the seal has been opened again, thus effectively preventing theft from leaking. The occurrence of such behavior. If the seal is intact, and the above code is the same as on the bill of lading, it can prove that the object inside the container or the container truck is intact.

If the meter is discovered, the seal on the water meter or the gas meter is damaged or lost, the relevant unit shall be notified at the first moment of investigation and it is not allowed to buy a seal on its own.