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How to seal a container?
Jan 02, 2018

Depending on the shipping company or exporter and the level of security required, many of these containers contain any of these seals. But above all, there must be seals on the container and put it in the right place.

A container has two locking bars on each door. The left door closes first, then the right door closes. Therefore, the effective position where the seal needs to be placed is on the right door and must therefore be opened first. One or two locking levers. If desired, you can add a seal to the left door, but this does not matter unless the goods can not be removed through one door.


The consignee of the container must ensure that the number of the seal shown on the bill of lading / manifest and appearing on the container at the time of rec

eipt is exactly the same, including any prefixes or typefaces on the seal. It is possible that TXSY123456 and as long as 123456 can be two different stamps.