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Supply lead seal, wire seal, security seal, power meter box seal
Nov 10, 2017

Professional production of various types of lead seals, lead deduction, wire lead seals, security seals, laser digital seals, security seals, tamper seals, plastic seals, tighten the wire Sealed, Tight Nylon seal, Power meter Box seal, Lead Seal, Container Seal, Container lead Seal, Container Seal strip, oil Tank Seal, High Seal, Metal Seal, Plastic Seal, padlock seal and other calibration seal products.

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advanced equipment, technology-rich. Produced by the seal of the production of hard, temperature and easy to lock, keep good anti-corrosion bitter, identification number clear, easy to use, cheap and common, over the operation in instrumentation, electricity, gas supply, Postal, customs, railway, finance, container, foreign trade commodity inspection, container, ship, domestic air transport, foreign air transport, logistics company, shipping company, transport handling equipment, transport product processing, and enterprise product inspection, , To prevent theft stealth storage and other industries, over the years continue to be widely trusted by users. Welcome to order to use!