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Meter installed electronic key can effectively prevent theft
Jun 26, 2018

The traditional method of power anti-tampering is through the installation of an anti-theft integrated metering box, but the seal of the anti-theft integrated metering box is easy to destroy, and it cannot be alarmed in real time when power is stolen, so the effect is not good. Because the seals and blockages of the anti-tamper comprehensive metering boxes are easily destroyed, and the time taken from the occurrence of electricity theft to electricity inspection personnel requires a certain period of time, and the amount of electricity lost cannot be accurately calculated, leaving the company with a huge economy. loss. In addition, the use of falsified seals by electric narrators and blockades have also made it more difficult to investigate and deal with theft of electricity, and they have lost the purpose of preventing theft. Therefore, if we can take the initiative to prevent and timely and accurate detection of electricity theft, it will greatly improve the effectiveness of anti-theft.

Installing intelligent anti-tamper monitoring and control devices on the meter can effectively prevent the occurrence of electricity theft.

This new meter box anti-theft device mainly has the following functions:

1. The key management of the electronic key can be used to determine the legality and illegality of opening the distribution metering box. If it is opened illegally, it will trip and blackout.

2, can use a dedicated authorized mobile phone through SMS authentication can be opened, if forced to open the metering box for power supply, it will immediately trip power outages, and the incident reported to the center via SMS;

3. Any operation performed by the user in the power distribution room will not affect normal power supply and metering;

4. The blackouts and power transmissions of the upper-level power grid do not affect the normal operation of the device;

5, the control device is a non-detachable whole, no external wiring, can effectively prevent vandalism;

6. Any event of unpacking, blackout, and power supply recovery will be reported to the network management and alarm center.