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Meter seal management method
Jun 20, 2018

The meter seal, also called the meter seal, is the plastic lock installed outside the meter box by the power supply bureau. The purpose is to prevent users from making unauthorized changes to the meter, which can effectively prevent theft of electricity. This kind of meter seal is a one-time use. The seal has a uniquely identified number and can only be unlocked unless it is broken.

The seal on the meter must not be touched by the private person. The seal on the meter is to ensure that the edges in the meter are not altered, the machinery is not corrected or prevented, and the meter shows the accuracy of the data. To put it plainly, that is, to prevent theft. Therefore, in addition to the power supply department, no unit or individual may be dismantled, otherwise there will be suspicion of stealing electricity.

Meter seal management method

Meter sealing is an important tool for the power supply company to manage the meter timing. It plays an important role in meter management. It can prevent lawbreakers from stealing electricity.

The power supply station shall strengthen the management of the meter seal, increase the education of the personnel, raise the awareness of the seal management, carry out the responsibility of the special person, and perform centralized management. When the seal is used, it shall be sealed for the person who receives it. The number and quantity of the lottery shall be registered; the seals sealed on the meter shall also be counted one by one, and the lost seal shall be set aside. In addition, the meter management personnel should increase the inspection of the seal of the on-site metering system to prevent the discarded or discarded seals from being sealed by the unscrupulous elements to the meter again to avoid the occurrence of electricity theft.