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Plastic lead seal introduction and application range and purchase standard
Jul 09, 2018

The main component of plastic lead seal is "polycarbonate" plastic. After high temperature pressing, it has the advantages of high hardness, strong toughness, transparency and clarity. It is lead-free and has no pollution. It is the most economical and environmentally friendly product. Plastic seals generally have red, yellow, blue, green and other colors, and can also be customized for customers.

Plastic seals are suitable for electricity meters, water meters, postal bags, instruments, power supply, gas supply, water supply, petroleum transportation, chemical, mining, postal, customs, railway, finance, container, foreign trade inspection, transportation product processing, and enterprise product inspection. , packaging barrel packaging, energy metering, prevention of theft and leakage of seals and other industries.

The use of plastic seals is getting bigger and bigger. Faced with the emerging plastic seals, the procurement department should be the most concerned about the procurement department. The five major purchase standards are for the purchaser to refer to:

1, the professionalism of the brand

2, the reliability of quality

3, after-sales security

4, the product's superiority

5, the power of technology, giant sex

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