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What are the relevant regulations for the use of plastic seals by bank tellers?
Mar 20, 2018

What are the relevant regulations for the use of plastic seals by bank tellers?

What are the relevant provisions of bank tellers for daily work? The relevant provisions of the use of plastic seals by bank tellers mainly include the following:

1. Transfer of cash and warehouse containers must be completed in person. Transfer of non-bundled banknotes must be resumed in a timely manner.

2. The teller who handles cash business should be based on the principle of “division of authority” and operate within the scope of the stipulated authority.

3. The bank cash area must be: Teller to operate the counter isolation, cash operation all-million monitoring.

cash bag plastic seals

4. The outlet cash box must be set up exclusively by the tellers at or above the branch business level. It is responsible for the management of the cash and cash boxes of the outlets on the same day, and is responsible for the supervision of the teller’s stock cash and large-sum receipt and payment services. You can also perform tasks that do not directly serve external users, such as authorized operations and concurrently important credits for the network.

5. Opening, bagging, and handing in cash boxes, receiving cash packets, opening and closing of teller’s cash packets must be within the monitoring line of sight, and the opening of cash storage boxes and delivery cash packets must be attended by the business managers of the outlets. At the same time; day-end teller's bonus notes must be sealed in bags, and cash box notes must be loaded into the liner box. The storage box should be double-locked (one-off seal), and all items on the seal should be completed.

6. The balance of zero-packaged RMB at the end of the network teller's day-end must not exceed 20,000 yuan. RMB zero-packet should be distributed randomly every day for substitution. If the daily cash distribution of outlets is less than 2 (including 2), the replacement should be performed at the end of the business (personnel crossover). For RMB cash packages that are not used by the tellers on the same day, the tellers should be assigned to complete inventory before noon. After the outlets are closed, all foreign currency packages must be fully paid. After the cashbox administrator doubles up, the doubles will be bagged for safekeeping.