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Precautions for Security Container Seals
Oct 11, 2017

Precautions for Security Container Seals

(1) The seal of shipping company is printed with Carrier's name (mostly abbreviated as COSCO, MSC, PIL) and a series of Arabic numerals. Carrier usually take its seal to the agent and plus it in container after the factory make container well . The seal of the shipping company is usually a bullet sealed, very strong, when you open the door you need to use a large iron cut to cut it, thats why Carrier's name called "big seal."

(2) Normally, the seal should be added to the right half of the back door. Due to the door of the iron is welded on the right door (that is, right to the left), closing the door must first turn off the left door and then the right door, and open the door when the opposite (nonsense). In theory, the container back door of the four ears can be sealed.