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Seals basic knowledge of the introduction, the container seal is the pioneer of the lock industry
Oct 26, 2017

Introduction to the basics of seals

A seal is a device that is loaded into a container and is properly closed to a door by a particular person.

Seal production process

The lock body, the cylinder is made of metal, the plastic ABS plastic, the lock body is the spring structure. The surface of the lock body adopts hot, laser typing and serial number, bar code, color can be customized according to user requirements, wire diameter φ1. 8, the length can be produced according to user requirements, pull up to F ≥ 250KG. Scope: Applicable to customs containers, tankers, container trucks and other purposes.

Scope of application:

Railway, aviation, oil, customs, ports, postal and other logistics industry. Mining, roads, finance, chemicals, petroleum, container, pharmaceutical and other industries. And apply to gas meters, meters, table boxes and so on.

Seal the seal is the pioneer of the lock industry

Seal is a pioneer in the lock industry, also known as a revolution, is the traditional mechanical box lock update, the main performance:

1. seal with high performance anti-theft performance, security, strong, not easy to be opened to prevent the universal key to open;

2. Lead seal lock is different from other locks, it is a one-time security lock, after opening can not be used again;

3. Lead seal lock material made of stainless steel, with rust-proof anti-corrosion properties, but also a high temperature resistance toughness;

4. anti-personal preparation of the key, the amount of lock up to 12 million.

5. the lock with a seal, for blockade.

6. you can do a key to open more locks, in the custodian changes when the transfer, the key will not be lost;

7. Lead seal lock can be customized according to requirements, company logo, date, serial number and so on.