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Thailand's export growth in the first two months of this year hit a new high of 7 years
Mar 23, 2018

China News Service, Bangkok, March 21 (Zhao Wei) The Thai Ministry of Commerce stated on the 21st that in the first two months of this year, Thailand’s total foreign trade exports reached US$40.47 billion, an increase of 13.8% year-on-year, the highest increase in the same period in seven years.

On the same day, the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand announced the first two months of this year's foreign trade data. Among them, the export volume in February was 20.36 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.3% year-on-year.


The director of the Trade Policy and Strategy Office of the Ministry of Commerce, Pinna, said that as of February this year, Thailand’s agricultural exports have continued to grow for the 16th consecutive month, especially rice, chicken and tapioca. At the same time, exports of industrial products, including automobiles and parts, computers and components, internal combustion engines, and parts and components, also increased for the 12th consecutive month.

She said that a major factor in the continued growth of Thailand’s exports comes from the continuous improvement of the global economy. The bright performance of exports in the first two months of this year further strengthened the authorities’ confidence in achieving the year’s expected growth of 8%.

Last year, Thailand’s exports hit a record high. The total export volume for the year amounted to US$236.694 billion, an increase of 9.9% year-on-year.