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considerations of the best security seals for your specific application
Nov 03, 2017
  • Choose the seal that physically fits the device/fixture to be sealed. 

Carefully examine the lengths, diameters, and available space to lock and inspect the seal. Don't forget to evaluate the seal's duration of use and the surrounding environment.

  • Select the seal with the appropriate strength and security levels. 

Application is a vital consideration when deciding between an indicative or security tamper-evident seal. Consider the costs relative to security risks for the application. Guidelines will vary—depending on the industry. It is also important to check customs requirements for the specific application.

  • Utilize a manageable locking system.

 The seal's locking system should fall within the ability of not only the facility, but the person(s) applying—and inspecting—the seal. If special tools are required for this seal, weigh both the cost and availability of these tools. Sophisticated or complex systems without adequate facilities and staff will not be effective. The material should be suitable for the environment where the seals are to be used. The seal also must have the capacity to contain all the information needed, which can be as little as a control number or items such as logotypes, product codes, barcodes, and even complete tracking history and load manifest data.