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The development direction of plastic seal is rapid development with economy
Nov 17, 2017

Plastic seal : is good after shipment, add a "lock" is actually to container of plastic seal, plastic seal above each have a number of plastic seal only damage can be open to see inside the relevant goods. Plastic seal consists of two parts, one is a square plastic and elastic plastic buckle with a hooked inside, on the other side is a jagged article plastic seals, and a flexible body acrossthe front of the plastic mouth and forms a ring, like trousers belt can be used for strapping cables.

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Scope of application: applicable to various USES such as tank car/container truck.With the rapid development of the economy, the development direction of plastic seal is gradually increasing,and the value of goods is increasing. Market demand for seal also in unceasing increase, when it comes to seal before people the first impression is handwritten paper seal, now a lot of transportation enterprises and a packaging company to reuse, seal not only bring convenience to people and make our staff more specification process; Thereby ensuring the safety of property and promoting social harmony.