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The Importance of security Seal in the Logistics Industry
Oct 12, 2017

With the development of seals, People's understanding of it deepening, the seal from the original only used in the meter, the water meter on the blockade development to now used in logistics, transportation and other industries, and now the seal is also widely used in oil Industry.

Seal in the logistics industry is mainly used in the tanker, the use of the source should pay attention to the quality of a good seal on the source; standard tanker seal; standard tanker seal; strengthen the seal check; to modify Lead management approach. 

Seal management is very important:

1. the seal quality checks, that is, the seizure of the company issued with the inspection, found the wrong number and seal the integrity.

2. the logistics inspection, found that the carrier of the vehicle is not standardized and loopholes.

3. the standard tanker seal.

4.check the number of security, according to the photo issued to rectification.

5.changed the seal, to manage a complete set of sealed accounts, check records, but also continue to improve the seal management. 

Seal management to do the bit, the tanker safety, oil leakage has played a very good protective effect.