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The pseudo-sex of the radical plastic lead is too high
Nov 17, 2017

Plastic seals, is the modern businessmen on the container items on a strip of stickers (id) to match items, purpose is to prevent container in transit to be replace, theft, damage holders mostly: the shipper (product), carriers and customs, etc. However, this is only a certain kind of considerate obedience, after all the people will make the fake plastic lead seal, causing a lot of trouble. Because radical plastic lead seal can be pseudo sex too high, each form big big lost, some get lost and far higher than did not stick plastic seal, troublesome a lot. 

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In order to seek better security and quality, we have evolved various anti-counterfeiting plastic seals, and anti-counterfeiting plastic seals have evolved with the rapid development of science and technology, and have evolved electronic plastic seals. Electronic plastic seals are regressive from the plastic seal of the radical container, which would be used to manage the safety of the radical plastic seals.