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The role of electronic seals
Jul 23, 2018

Electronic lead seal is a new type of lead seal product developed by the combination of silicon semiconductor integrated circuit technology and common lead seal. Each electronic seal has a unique readable identification code. This identification code is in the database and the user. The files are bundled together and the electronic seal information can be read through a dedicated handheld meter reader. The main functions of electronic seals are as follows:

The patron saint and safety lock of the measuring instrument

Electronic seals prevent theft of fake seals and completely eliminate the occurrence of water theft, theft, and theft. They are more efficient than ordinary seal products. The general seal is mainly based on the fingerprint on the seal to judge the authenticity of the seal, and the clamp is very easy to imitate, it is easy to bring the opportunity to the criminals. Each electronic seal has a unique identification code, which is not repeated in the world. The unique code of the chip can be read by wireless non-contact method, and the database is compared with the database to judge the true and false of the seal. The cost of manufacturing electronic seals is low, but the imitation is very high, and the imitation is very difficult, which fundamentally shuts out the criminals.

Realize digital management of meter reading work

The electronic lead seal can realize the information in non-contact mode, automatically transfer the water meter customer file, store the meter reading data in a large capacity, and automatically generate and export the charging form. With very little investment, the meter reading management can be upgraded to a paperless digital information management level.