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The seal is used to protect the relief valve from normal position
Sep 02, 2017

The effect of lead seal is to protect the safety valve from the normal position and prevent someone from turning off the handle valve. In this way, the safety valve is not safe. The purpose of the relief valve plus hand valve is: if your relief valve needs to be calibrated, your handle valve is closed and the relief valve is isolated and calibrated so that the production is not affected.

Lead seal disordered management. Due to some technical institutions in several sealing pliers, wire seal which is convenient with which at ordinary times, not strictly in accordance with the metrological verification seal, the management measures for the management, it also brings to the seal management problems. Lead seal anti-counterfeiting technology is poor and easy to forge. The lead seal is generally simpler, and once it is imitated and used, it is equal to the total measurement data of the measuring instruments, which makes the measurement device data all out of control, unable to set up and manage