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What are the relevant knowledge of plastic seals?
Jul 02, 2018

Plastic seals are modern merchants affixing a strip-shaped sticker on the container (appropriate to the article's identity card). The purpose is to prevent the container from being lost or stolen during transit. The holder is mostly: the owner (consigner) ), Aviation Business and Customs, etc. However, this has only a certain degree of considerate obedience. After all, the intimate person will make counterfeit plastic seals as usual, causing a lot of trouble. Plastic seals can be divided into red according to different purposes: container plastic seals, court plastic seals, security plastic seals; according to different materials can be divided into red: paper plastic seals, plastic and plastic seals, metal plastic seals, electronic plastic seals.


The sources of plastic seals for containers may be divided into three categories: shippers (shippers), shipping companies and customs. The label of the plastic seal may be used to prevent the container from being lost or stolen in transit. In order to manage the titles of these plastic seals, mass production of electronic plastic seals was promoted.


Common electronic plastic seals are plastic seals that rely on a memory battery and generate numbers in random numbers. The plastic seals are subject to the records of the door, warehouse or container switch of the supply logistics process, and can be read through the red line. The advantage of the plastic seal is that it can be exercised repeatedly.