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What is high Security seals
Nov 06, 2017

Security seals is a nomenclature within the Ministry of Railways within the seal products, in fact, the most common argument is: one-time lock. In 2009, the National Standards Commission introduced the international standard ISO17712 and the establishment of the national standard, officially named box seal. As long as the use of such so-called security seals can not be opened, only to destroy it can, so it is also a very wide range of applications, such as customs, electricity and other places to prevent contact with others can use security seals . Each security seal has a number, so that it will not be off package. In short, the use of security seals is to prevent others from touching the one-time lock.


Disposable seals printing: laser or stamping company name, logo, serial number, bar code, two-dimensional code (power seal, animal ear tag).

Application areas:

Products are widely used in railways, ports, aviation, telecommunications, electricity, petroleum, food, logistics, express, various types of containers, tankers and other goods transport industry. Shi Feng, locking once completed, with security, security, security, insurance and other special features.