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What is new in ISO 17712:2013
Dec 07, 2017

Taming evidence remains an important area of the new version, but the method has undergone major changes. The new version addresses the problem of tampering through a third-part processing check as part of the manufacturer's ISO 9001 Quality Operational Procedures.

ISO 17712 no longer requires third-party lab testing for specific tamper-proof standards. Conversely, the requirement to tamper with the relevant quality program includes a test that internally generates and manages evidence of tampering as part of the manufacturer's document quality program, such as ISO 9001.

1.5mm cable seal,aluminum head wire seal

Manufacturers can choose to have tamper-proofing tests in-house or hire third-party labs. Under no circumstances will the tests violate the manufacturer's test protocols and specifications. Since Chapter 6 neither tampered with the test procedure nor the requirements for accreditation tests, external laboratories can not demonstrate compliance with Chapter 6 of ISO 17712. In this case, third-party labs simply provide the customer with an experimental report.

Manufacturers are hoping to provide seals that meet the 17712 standard in the future when waste reduction procedures must be established for the design and manufacturing process. The auditable process must ensure that there is a clear focus on tampering issues in the design and manufacturing process.