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What materials need to be used to produce plastic seals
Feb 27, 2018

What materials need to be used to produce plastic seals

Plastic seal refers to the use of a plastic accessories, used to wire, cable and other lines fixed. Plastic seal is assembled from two parts, one end is a square plastic mouth, which has a hook-shaped flexible plastic buckle, the other end is a serrated plastic seal body, the body can be bent through the plastic front This ring is formed, can be the same belt pants can be used to tie the cable. Because of the serrations on the strip, which can be interlocked with the elastic plastic in the mouth of the plastic, the plastic seal can play a very important fixing role and is also strong.


Material characteristics:

Made of good flame retardant PP or UL approved nylon PA66 plastic with a fire rating of 94V-2. Acid, corrosion resistance is very good, effective insulation, anti-aging, super-strong, safe to use. Products made ul certification, SGS environmental certification of material. This seal is a one-time seal, can not be opened if it is sealed, with excellent safety, exhausted once can no longer be used! Suitable for many industries, high safety and reliability!