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Where to wholesale purchase high quality one-time seals
Apr 16, 2018

The one-off seals are mainly used for theft prevention or security, and the narrow sense of seals are made of a clamp pin and a sealing wire made of metal or other materials. Insert the two ends of the seal into the hole of the lock and clamp the lock with lead lock pliers. In addition to traditional seals, there are many kinds of seals with different materials and applications, such as plastic seals, cable seals, high security seals, meter seals, padlocks, metal seals, and many other types, having been widely used in various fields. The purpose of using seals is to improve the management of seals, improve the loss of oil products and protect the interests of the company.

Where to wholesale purchase high quality one-time seals

Since the seal is to guarantee the safety of the product, it is more important to use high quality one-time seal. So where to wholesale purchase high quality one-time seals?

The one-time lock produced by Shandong Yutong Trading Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of low cost and good anti-theft performance. It has been widely sold throughout the country and abroad and is widely used in various transport industries: such as railway transport, air cargo, port freight, oil transportation, chemical product transportation, postal transportation, and pharmaceutical transportation. Using this product can prevent unnecessary losses. It can also be used for the national grid, southern China grid meter box, metering box, high and low voltage cabinets, distribution box, electricity meter, and transformer box. Our seals have good anti-electricity stealing performance and are well received by various industries. Yutong can also design and manufacture more applicable blocking devices according to the customers’ special requirements.

If you need to wholesale custom plastic seals, please contact us for detailed negotiations.