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Wide application of electronic seals
Apr 11, 2018

Electronic seals are applicable to electricity meters, water meters, mail bags, armor closures, instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military, petroleum transportation, chemicals, mining, postal services, customs, railways, finance, containers, foreign trade inspection, transportation products processing, enterprise products inspection, packaging drum packaging, energy measurement, to prevent theft and leakage and seal storage industries.

Electronic seals are the safety locks of measuring instruments: they are used to prevent false seals from being forged and to completely eliminate the occurrence of incidents such as theft of water, theft of electricity, and theft of gas. The regular seal depends on the clamp printing to determine the authenticity of the seal, very easy to counterfeit,which is also easy for the criminals to take advantage of. Each electronic seal has its only identification code. The seal identification code is programmed in the semiconductor chips and implemented by laser micro lithography. There is no repetition in the world, and the chip can be read by wireless non-contact method. The unique code and comparison with the database determine the authenticity of the seal. Electronic seals have lower manufacturing costs, but they are very expensive and difficult to copy. They prevent criminals from pursuing imitations or embezzlement and bring huge economic benefits to public utilities.

Digital management of meter reading: Non-contact reading of information, automatic retrieval of meter customer records, super-capacity storage of meter reading data, automatic generation and export of charging forms.

The meter reader carries the portable meter-reading device that can identify the seals and reaches the site. The user's profile of the measuring instrument can be automatically recalled after identifying the electronic seal. Computer software generates a charge form after the current indication of the measuring instrument is inputting and saved. After the electronic seals are used on ordinary water meters, electricity meters, and gas meters, they can be quickly and automatically identified, electronically stored and read, computer-introduced meter reading results, automatic charge sheet creation, and printing of charge sheets, etc.,upgrading the meter reading management to the level of paperless digital information management.