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Wire seals are popular in the logistics industry
Sep 02, 2017

The steel wire seals used in the domestic operation are mostly supported by the entrance in the logistics industry, while the domestic product can be used to produce steel wire seal track bearing into the civil channel.

Wire seal goods structure and operation of the animals on the flow and popular slewing bearing is not different, at the same time again there is a popular rotary bearing can't control of sex, for example: light weight, brief structure, small installation space, delete d replacement convenient and cheap capital, and the warp and woof of existing rotary bearing efficacy, can encounter the axial and radial load, also can encounter will be overturning moment, so the wire seal bearing the runway at the operation must be close, to be able to complete to replace the popular light slewing bearing, achieve popular rotary bearing cannot achieve operation, wide operating in aerospace, radar base, medical equipment, aerial photography, chariot turret base, textile machinery and trailer base, etc. Wire seal, also called bearing raceway bearing seals for steel wire, steel wire seal, in foreign countries has been flashed over thirty years, a preliminary study on the domestic bearing steel wire seal runway is only more than 10 years of time, just a preliminary is only some exploratory research, some research institutes in important or for military use, life is not bad.