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Wire seals can be specially customized for materials and styles
Sep 02, 2017

Wire seals as one of the lead seal products, has the very high security features, plus seal products to select material can choose according to the demand, which makes the steel seal can become high quality seal for use in many industries.

Choose the wire seal properties of different materials is different, take the plastic wire seal, this is common used in the seal on the container, it USES a metal lock body aircraft cable, lock body externally wrapped in a layer of ABS plastic, constitutes the antioxidant tension wire seal. This kind of wire seal can be better used in logistics containers, oil tankers and vans. If choose to make the wire seal of aluminum alloy material, will produce the oxidation corrosion of the steel wire seal, on the metal lock body wrapped in a layer of aluminum alloy, steel wire also changed from aircraft cable 3.0 wire, such collocation makes the strength of the steel wire can double sealing containers to pull request large goods and equipment.

Steel wire seal type can change the lead seal product according to the demand, the same kind of sealing method is different from the material used, and bring different effect.