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Wire seals can be used with different wires
Nov 29, 2017

Wire seals can be used with different wires

 Looking at the cable seal  We can easily find that the Wire seal from the original old-fashioned Wire seal gradually extended a number of different models of different materials, which one of the wire seal is a special existence. Although as with plastic seals are used to prevent bundling device or article can mess disassembly, except that wire seals can freely mix different diameters, different lengths of wires of different colors, which mix together to form a custom seals.

 The reason why the wire seal can be used with different wires depends mainly on the structure inside the lock. Cable Seals portion configured to lock the steel wire, multi-strand wire, steel wire twisted together to form an tensile strength of the rope, and the locking head 3 will take Bead spring retainer, so that no matter therethrough The thickness of the wire, can form a solid triangle through the three steel balls, so the wire can not exit once passed through. Often, there is limited space available for each wire seal, so the diameter of the wire that can be used with it is limited and does not fit perfectly with each diameter wire. Although the wire diameter can not be matched with each type of wire seal, the length of the wire is not controlled by the lock, and the length can be customized according to the requirement.