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Gas Meter Tamper Seal

gas meter tamper seal TX-MS104 1pc net weight:1.72g 100pcs in a poly bag:1.72kg 5000pcs in a carton:17.5kg 10 years global leading profession manufacture of Electric Water Twist Meter Seal
Product Details:

TX-MS 104 Pull right twist rotor seal security gas meter tamper seal

gas meter tamper seal


Seal Material of wire security press pp meter seal: Polycarbonate for the outer clear body; ABS plastic for the 

insert part.

Wire Material: Galvanized Steel wire/coated wire/stainless steel wire   

Wire Length:  7*0.68mm or others as per request  

Color:        Yellow/Red/Green/Blue/Purple etc.

Printing:      Laser marking

Options:      Company name, logo, etc.

Strength:     >40N


1pc net weight:1.72g

100pcs in a poly bag:1.72kg

5000pcs in a carton:17.5kg

Carton Dimension:73×35×23cm

gas meter tamper seal

gas meter tamper seal

Terms of payment for the gas meter tamper seal, including payment method: Paypal, Western Union, 30% T / T 

Prepay, delivery balance before delivery. In addition, we can do for you before shipment for all product photos, 

including the design of the good stylewill be satisfied with you before the start of production. Before shipping, if you 

have any questions about quality, you can ask your company's QC inspection products. We have any questions we

 can negotiate, I believe we are quality first, quality assurance.

Please check with us before making payment.

Advantages for security issues

Easy to use: - Insert the wire through the hole and insert the anchor into the capsule. Apply pressure with your thumb

 and lock.

The transparent body provides full visibility of the locking mechanism and provides clear tampering instructions.

Designed for one-time use, will break open.

Can not be easily opened - cutting forceps need to be removed.

To withstand the sun exposure. Can withstand extreme weather conditions.

gas meter tamper seal

Tengxin is a trusted manufacturer and sales trader of high-safety seals and tamper resistant mechanisms. We have

more than 10 years of experience in the supply chain safety industry. With examples of successful product

 development, we have become one of the largest manufacturers of tamper-evident label and security package 

solutions in the country. Our company is committed to combining innovative design with unparalleled security to deliver

 a product design unmatched by other businesses. We are always striving to provide quality container safety 

solutions.Our goal is to exceed all the expectations of our Tengxin customers, and there is not much, just better, and

 better, in our philosophy. Long-term as their security solutions provider has always been our goal.

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