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A Plastic Seal Can Be Printed On It
Sep 02, 2017

Plastic seals are now many products that are classified or marked.

Plastic seal and seal seal meters, electric power, oil seal, etc., mainly used in electric power, petroleum, instrumentation industry, disposable purposes such as to prevent theft disclosed, common plastic what kind words can be printed on the seals.

Generally on a plastic seals the customer name, such as so-and-so power, such and such water supply, etc., have a plenty of printed LOGO, in addition to carry the customer name or LOGO, generally will be printed on the serial number or code, serial number or code is different on each of the seal, can be said to be unique, the aim is to put an end to the delinquents to forge the seal.

The words printed on the plastic seal are processed by laser printing or hot soup. The printed words are clearly visible and beautiful.