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Advantages Of Plastic Seals Used In Major Industries!
Mar 22, 2018

We often use plastic seals in electronics factories, warehousing, PetroChina, corporate product inspection, packaging drum packaging, energy metering, anti-theft and leakage storage, department stores, logistics, radio and telecommunications, express delivery, shipping companies, and buildings. The application is now very mature. What are the reasons that allow various industries to prefer such seals? What are the advantages? Here are some of the advantages in the construction of the extension field plastic for everyone to analyze:

1. The plastic seal has high strength, good adhesion, complete integration of putty, etc., convenient construction, reduced labor intensity, accelerated construction speed, and reduced construction costs. Straight appearance, and greatly improved the impact resistance of the wall, to protect the wall from damage, effectively avoid hitting bad corners, repeated maintenance trouble.

2, can be bent, easy construction, beautiful arc.

3. The long-established solar angle is not straight, beautiful, and the corners are easily damaged. In the corner of the external wall insulation treatment, the construction speed is slow, and the impact resistance is poor. After a long time of weathering and seepage, the wall cracks.

plastic seals.jpg

4, can use the mold to create complex shapes, easier to shape than metal, low energy consumption, low cost, corrosion resistance, light weight.

5, plastic soft, easy to fold, and light transmission performance, cheap, low production costs. The source of raw materials is also very wide, plastics do not decay, flexibility is good, covers an area of small, wide application areas.

6, high anti-static, not easy to aging, good electrical insulation.

Plastic seal products can solve all of the above quality problems, the difficulty of engineering transfer to the wall, ensuring that the insulation layer does not crack, high bond strength of glass fiber mesh, plastic strips of acid and alkali. The use of this product, but also to improve the level of shock protection, reduce the earthquake damage to the plastic seal door angle, the angle of the window construction difficulties and specifically designed a new type of building materials. Unique weather, corrosion resistant, anti-aging and other characteristics are known for their strength in plastic seals, good toughness is assured, not steel, wood, aluminum and other traditional building materials.