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Water Meter Management Has A New Move, Anti-theft Lead Seal Officially Opened
Nov 10, 2017

电表封用途.pngRecently, with the justification and inspection of the appropriate party, the municipal water supply company boldly enabled the old-style digital anti-theft seal in the water meter task, which created low economic and social benefits for the company.     For the past old lead seals are often some of the criminal families of unauthorized self-assembly, mediation water meter reading, flip the water meter, change the table and so on, the water company water meter verification station has been concerned about the development trend of the international seal, in vain to add Envelope Enron performance. Vigorously rejected by the leadership of the company, the water meter test station on the market for a variety of lead seals compared to the final selected an old digital security seals, the seal has a variety of colors, signs significantly, with the wire lock with Manipulation There is a good anti-theft compliance, about invalid to stop all kinds of criminal behavior for the meter.From the beginning of late June, the water supply company water meter verification station, business department to collect water inspectors inspection brigade, daily water consumption in more than 500 large water one by one to transform the old anti-theft seals. At present, the transformation of the old seal task is going all outwards and now has transformed more than 200 households.