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Applications Of Seals On Safety Valve
Apr 12, 2018

With the continuous development and expansion of the seal industry, more and more industries have begun to use seals for sealing equipment and goods. The valve seal is a seal product similar to the cable seal, and the appearance is also wrapped with ABS plastic. It has a slender and firm steel wire, and the style resembles a tight wire seal.


Safety valve seals are equivalent to seals. After the valve lift pressure is checked, the two ends of the wire are compacted with the lead block, preventing arbitrarily adjusting safety valve lift pressure. The seal protects the safety valve in the normal position to prevent someone from mistakenly closing the valve, so that the safety valve does not provide a safety function. In addition, the purpose of the safety valve plus hand valve is: if your safety valve needs to be corrected, the handle valve should be closed to isolate the safety valve and correct it. This will not affect the production. Therefore, it is necessary to add a hand valve before the safety valve. The seal on the hand valve is to prevent the operator from mistakenly opening the valve.


When refitting the safety valve, the positions of the adjusting screw and the adjusting ring should be noted before disassembling the valve, so as to facilitate the adjustment work after trimming. The safety valve is a one-time use. When it is disconnected, it is difficult to recover. It is the basis for judging whether it was activated or damaged later. Once the top is opened, the take-off pressure and the setting pressure will change, and they need to be recalibrated and sealed.


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