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Cable Seals Are Safety Features For Tamper-proof Products
Apr 08, 2018

Cable seals are one of the sealed products. It cannot be opened even trying for a long time, only destruction can break it. Therefore, it has very wide application fields, such as customs, power and other secondary prevention places. Cable seals prevent others from opening unauthorized security products.


Our products are widely used in railways, ports, airports, telecommunications, electricity, petroleum, logistics, express delivery, military, banking, medical, various types of containers, tankers and other cargo transportation industries. It is easy to seal, security, insurance and other special features.

 Cable Seals Are Safety Features For Tamper-proof Products

According to the application, , customers will choose different materials to produce cable seals. For example: considering the using cost, they will choose to use plastic products; if considering all the costs and better security, they will choose cable seals or high security seals. Cable seals lock core are usually made of zinc alloy or aluminum alloy, and then the cable are fixed to it. For example, hydroelectric power companies, they will choose a combination of special cable seal with thin plastic wire.


Cable seals are security, reliable and relatively high cost. The sales volume in the past year is very large. They can be used in many industries and have been widely used in society. The cable seal is of exquisite workmanship and sophisticated appearance. Social needs are diversified, no matter what industry will also needs innovation. The cable seals are solid, resilient, not easy to break, the most important is, they can be recycled. For the environmental protection requirements of the country, the production of the cable seals has no pollution, and and they have a great development need.