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Container RFID Container Seal Management System
Jan 31, 2018

At present, the informatization level of container logistics process is one of the bottlenecks restricting the development of container transport. At present, the current status of container management in China is as follows: the collection of container information is basically done by means of manual transcript or semi-automation. The container supply chain circulation management, And other information is in an isolated state, with only 65% of the real-time and accurate data. Container flow is collected by manual collection of container number information, which is inefficient and hard to realize port automation. According to the analysis of the global loss of container cargo caused by the loss of 300 to 500 billion US dollars, including indirect losses, the global loss of 200 billion US dollars each year.


Defects and loopholes in the container seal have become the breeding ground for all kinds of container crime means, criminals always easily through the leaks and defects of container seals easily and often succeeded. Many of the major container transport logistics enterprises, has repeatedly suffered container theft, not only suffered economic losses, and suffered credibility in the industry suffered, more immeasurable.

Compared with the traditional container seal, the electronic seal built-in chip, with a unique ID number, unique password and can not be modified so that others can not create the same ID number of electronic seals. The use of RFID electronic seals can be more efficient, accurate and secure control of the container in the shipping process of each link status, and through the wireless RFID reader with RFID capabilities of mobile terminals, the first terminal equipment can be achieved automatically on the container Data within the electronic tag, that is, to facilitate the operation of the front staff, but also ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the data; second, to achieve the front of staff anytime, anywhere with the rear management system for data communication, further data unified processing, management background Personnel and cargo owners to real-time monitoring of the process of transport of goods, greatly strengthened the management of containers, to protect the safety of the entire transport process.